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Opening Hours


Monday 08:00-18:00

Tuesday 08:00-18:00

Wednesday 08:00-18.00

Thursday 08:00-18.00

Friday 08:00-18:00

We are open 50 weeks of the year, only closing for the Christmas weeks and bank holidays.

Many of our funded children are term time only, nursery breaks up a week before Sunderland schools in the Summer term as we do not have inset days.


For all year round funded children (48 weeks) the last two weeks of August and two weeks at Christmas are funding breaks. This means if you want your child to attend during this time you will have to pay full price.

Baby Rates up to 2 years:

                  Full Day         £64.00
                  AM                  £38.00 (8am-1pm
                  PM                  £38.00 (1pm-6pm).

                  Full time       £256.00                                                BUY 4 FULL DAYS GET ONE FREE!* 

Rates from 2 to 3 years:  

                Full Day        £64.00
                AM                 £38.00 (8am-1pm)
                PM                 £38.00 (1pm-6pm)                                    Full time      £256.00                                                BUY 4 FULL DAYS GET ONE FREE!*

Rates from 3 years:          

               Full Day        £52.00
               AM                 £36.00 (8am-1pm)
               PM                 £36.00 (1pm-6pm)  

Full time: 

                   £182.00 including 15 hours Term time only

                       £197.60 including 12 hours All year round

                       £104.00 including 30 hours Term time only

                       £135.20 including 24 hours All year round 


We take Childcare Vouchers, we are part of the Government Tax-Free Childcare scheme, we enrol children for free 15 & 30 hour free childcare and we can also enrol children with parents who are entitled to University childcare funding. 

Please contact us for more information regarding these. 



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